TE Surfers Unite FAQs

What is TE Surfers Unite? TE Surfers Unite is a manual traffic exchange affiliate system.
What is a Traffic Exchange? Traffic Exchanges are an online advertising service where website owners, businesses, affiliate marketer share their products and services with members at TESU.
How does a Traffic Exchange work? Traffic Exchanges have many different options depending on the TE you are using. The main function of a TE is called SURFING. Surfing is where one member views your website when you visit the site of other members. Basically you are exchanging views to your websites with other members of TESU.
How Do I Receive Hits? Click 'SURF' on the members area menu to start viewing sites from other TESU members.

You will earn credits for every site you view. Your site will receive one view/hit for each CREDIT that you have assigned to your sites.
What if I Don't Have Any Credits? When you don't have any credits, you have a few options available to you.

1) You can Surf and earn credits by viewing other TESU members sites.

2) You can purchase credits.

3) You can upgrade your TESU account and get month bonus credits added to your TESU account every month.

Or you can do a combination of some or all.
Can I make Money with TESU? Yes! That is the best part of an affiliate system like TESU. All affiliates of TESU earn between 5%-50% commissions depending on the type of sale and their membership type for promoting and referring new customers/members/affiliates to the TESU system.
Can I earn Money from Surfing? Yes! Premium Affiliates and Super Affiliates can earn cash prizes/rewards while surfing.
Can I get Paid the Money received from Surfing and Cash Prizes? Yes! Unlike some Traffic Exchanges that force their members to use their cash prizes/rewards to upgrade or get advertising with, TESU does not make our members jump through hoops to get paid.

We encourage you to use your commissions for these types of transactions, however we wont make you use your Cash Prizes/Rewards or Commissions to upgrade with or buy advertising. That is your choice.
When will I get Paid? We have a $5 minimum payout amount with a 7 day hold for any possible charge backs.

We automatically pay out all cleared commissions, by end of day Friday, to all members that have reached the $5 minimal payout amount. There is no need to send a request to get paid.
How will I get Paid? We make all commission payouts via PayPal only.
Can I get a Refund? We give all members at TESU an opportunity to use the systems for free with limited resources.

Because we provide a service that is automatically activated when purchased, we DO NOT offer any refunds.
What type of payments do you accept? We use PayPal for a payment processor. You can easily use your credit or debit card through PayPal to pay for any purchases you make with TESU.

You can also use your Commissions for purchases as well.
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